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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Where do we go from here?

It's no secret that the Razorbacks are in real trouble. Standing 0-3 in the SEC in a year when many, including Sunshine Rick Schaeffer, Frank Broyles and HD Nutt himself thought a national championship was a legitimate possibility. And when many of these comments were made, in the aftermath of back-to-back losing seasons, Razorback fans everywhere wanted to believe it. When Nutt landed America's best high school quarterback and a trio of impressive receivers to complement superstars McFadden and Jones, Razorback fans really started believing it.

I remember listening to a post game report last season and hearing Schaeffer comment (and I'm paraphrasing), "2007 is the year for the Razorbacks. With all of this talent returning and a favorble schedule, a national championship is a possibility." Because national championships are hard to win at any school (and it's what makes winning one so damn impressive), I took Rick's comments with a grain of salt. But I did believe that 2007 would be an SEC championship type season, not matter how tough the rest of the competition in the conference was.

But things happened and the wheels came off. No more Mustain, Williams, Malzahn, passing game, efficient offense, etc., etc., etc. David Lee and that band of offensive bozos have not only ruined any hopes for an SEC Championships (something that has mysteriously eluded Nutt since he's been at Arkansas), but's obliterated McFadden's Heisman hopes. As they say, Atta Boy!

In almost as much time as Nutt has been at Arkansas, South Florida's had a football program. Today, they stand #2 in the BCS, and they control their own destiny. If the Bulls win out, they'll play for a national title. I raise this point because Arkansas fans bitch and moan about everything. It's South Florida! In a little over a decade, they've built a program into a national power. How? Coaching, that's how.

An e-mail chain went around last night about Nutt and what should happen. Knowing full well that the next two seasons will be losing ones for the Razorbacks (sorry fans, but the schedule is brutal and the Hogs talent level, thanks to Nutt's inept recruiting, is abysmal), why continue on this path? It will be 2010 before the Hogs will even sniff a bowl game, and probably an additional season or two before we can even talk about a BCS birth. At what point should we say, "this simply isn't working, we need to try something else."

After all, Nebraska's headed in that direction. Shouldn't the Hogs follow their lead?


Tom Logan said...

It's certainly time for a change. I just wish we had done this in 2005 when Butch Davis was sitting there waiting for a call and we had talent on the team. We'd be a team on the rise right now, with Mustain at QB and far better overall talent on the team.

But we can't go back in time. So we're stuck in a tough position now. We have a new AD who most likely doesn't want to come in and clean house, a talent poor team returning in 08, and a coach who has lost a good percentage of the fans.

Keeping Nutt isn't the answer. We need to regroup and start over. If we fail with our next choice, at least we'll figure it out a year earlier than if we wait for Nutt to be fired next year.

Arkytam said...

'If we fail with our next choice, at least we'll figure it out a year earlier than if we wait for Nutt to be fired next year.'...I'm totally agreeing with you.