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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Scott Faldon

Good read.


Johnny Fayetteville said...

Good article, and a point I alluded to in my "Brutal Truth" post. We are just inches or plays away from being undefeated. Some think that I say that as a way of supporting Nutt, but I don't. Good teams and good coaches find a way to win those games. We were able to last year, but not this year.

jimmyg said...

It is very frustrating that we blew leads inside the final minutes (or seconds in two games) of all three losses. However, I don't subscribe to the we're three plays away theory. If we we're Alabama, Kentucky, or Auburn fans, we'd dissect those games from their point of view, and inevitably, we'd come up with two or three plays that had they gone our way (meaning Alabama, Kentucky, or Auburn) we would've won comfortably. In the end you are what you are.