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Monday, October 22, 2007

Cracking the TV Coverage Code

We tried to hack through this stuff on e-mail a few weeks ago, but I think it's a little clearer now. Saw this afternoon that LFS has picked up the Vandy-Florida game for the weekend of November 3rd. I have now officially seen more Vanderbilt football than I ever thought possible. Here is a link to the LFS website.

There are only two other SEC games that weekend, with the Alabama Crimson Tide playing host to the LSU Tigers. Per their website, CBS has "tentatively" picked up that game, but you have to think it's a no-brainer, given that both teams are currently 4-1 in the conference, the Nick Saban "you can't go home again" factor, and that the winner may very well go to Atlanta. Here is a link to CBS' website. It is also interesting to note that game is a 4:00 kickoff and I think ESPN has an option on the Oregon State-USC game that day. So unless we find ourselves on the Deuce, the South Carolina game may not be televised at all. That doesn't sound right.

It is also interesting to note that the following week, CBS has also "tentatively" picked the oldest rivalry in the south, Auburn-Georgia, but have also listed Arkansas-Tennessee as a possibility. I don't see it. That game screams LFS, given that South Carolina-Florida is also that day and we haven't been on LFS yet this year.

UPDATE: Per the SEC website, everyone passed on the Arkansas-South Carolina game. Therefore, the Hogs will go a MONTH without playing on TV by the time the Tennessee game rolls around. SOMEONE will pick up that game, right?

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