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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Time to Start Talkin' Cotton

With all the hoopla surrounding the coaching search/Ole Miss shenanigans, we haven't spent much time talking about the Cotton Bowl Classic, now a mere 17 days away. Our own Jimmy G will be on assignment at the Texas State Fairgrounds, hoping the weather cooperates on New Years' Day.
This is being called the best non-BCS bowl, and it may be. As we have all seen, most bowl games are determined by each team's respective mental state, rather than sheer talent. So, the burning question is whether Arkansas' coaching situation or Missouri's failure to be selected for the BCS will be the bigger negative mental factor.
We discussed this on the show, but for my money, I think the Hogs will play hard in D-Mac's last game. By all accounts, Reggie has done a good job in bowl prep. I have no idea of what's coming out of the Mizzou camp, though. Everything I have heard and seen seems to show they are still throwing a pity party for not making the BCS. Mind you, I agree with their position, I just question whether its time for them to move on and think about early morning New Year's Day in Dallas...

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