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Friday, December 14, 2007

Razorpod Bowl Picks

The Razorpod Crew's bowl picks will be posted over the next few days. Bowl season starts December 20 with the Poinsettia Bowl and culminates January 7 with the BCS Championship Game. As always the crew adds some degree of difficulty by picking the bowl games against the spread - for entertainment purposes only. Up first are our fearless host's picks - Patrick Williams.

Navy (+8) over Utah
Memphis (-2.5) over FAU
Cincinnati (-11) over Southern Miss
Nevada (+3) over New Mexico
BYU (-6) over UCLA
Boise State (-10.5) over East Carolina
CMU (+8.5) over Purdue
Arizona State (+1.5) over Texas
Boston College (-3) over Mich. State
TCU (-3.5) over Houston
Oregon State (-4.5) over Maryland
UConn (+3) over Wake Forest
Miss. State (+3) over UCF
Penn State (-5.5) over Texas A&M
Alabama (-3.5) over Colorado
Air Force (+3.5) over Cal
Fresno State (+4) over Ga. Tech
USF (-6.5) over Oregon
Kentucky (-1) over FSU
Okla. State (-4) over Indiana
Auburn (+2) over Clemson
Tennessee (-3.5) over Wisconsin
Arkansas (+3) over Missouri
Texas Tech (-5.5) over Virginia
Florida (-10) over Michigan
USC (-13.5) over Illinois
Georgia (-9) over Hawaii
Oklahoma (-6.5) over WVU
Kansas (+3) over Va. Tech
Rutgers (-10) over Ball State
Tulsa (-4.5) over Bowling Green
LSU (-5) over Ohio State

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