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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Bowl Picks - Fun Facts

A quick look at some of the facts that emerged from the Razorpod Bowl Picks:

18 Bowl Games that the Crew agreed unanimously - Navy, Memphis, Cincinnati, Boise State, Arizona State, Boston College, Oregon State, Miss. State, Alabama, Kentucky, Oklahoma State, Auburn, Tennessee, Texas Tech, USC, Georgia, Rutgers, Tulsa
4 Bowl Games Jimmy G went alone - Purdue, Oregon, Missouri, Michigan
3 Bowl Games Tom Logan went alone - UCLA, Texas A&M, Georgia Tech
2 Bowl Games Patrick Williams went alone - Connecticut, Kansas
0 Bowl Games Johnny Fayetteville went alone


Arkytam said...

I hate that we lost that game sooo badddd!!!!

Anonymous said...

do the razorbacks play basketball?