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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

It's Petrino!

Bobby Petrino became the Arkansas Razorbacks 30th head coach last night. Thank goodness the search is over. This is a great hire by the U of A, and if he stays more than 2 or 3 three years, there's a good chance Arkansas will celebrate its first SEC football title and BCS bowl berth during his tenure. See you in October, HDN.


T-Town TAS said...

That's a big IF he stays 2-3 years. Given his vagabond history, how can he recruit?

Tom Logan said...

Those wishing to peruse the archives can go to September 2007 and see where Tom Logan first raised the possibility of Petrino to Arkansas.

RazorPod said...

Genius at work, Logan.

Lotsa hate on Bobby P. from around the nation. It will be kind of nice to strike up some strong feelings of fear/disgust by other teams for a change.

scott said...

I think we've always had folks afraid to play us but we were kinda like the big kid on the playground that used to beat up Johnny Fayetteville... you could always see what he was about to do next, except in our case we had this habit of talking about it all week.

It's nice to be smarter than other people now. Albeit, I wouldn't trust you to watch my best friend's dog smart... but smart.