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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Razorpod 10-28-09: Victims of an HDN Special; How do you spell Ypsilanti

Ahhh, the HDN Special. You know its coming, there's just not much you can do about it. In this weeks show, we discuss why Coach Nutt saves his best for the Razorbacks. Long discussion about how the season goes from here-the easier part of the schedule is coming up. Eastern Michigan next, and yes we know how to spell Ypsilanti.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Razorpod 10-21-09: Arkansas 20, Florida 16, Refs 7

This week's show gets the big issues out right away: exactly how much did the referees have to do with Florida's win against the Razorbacks? Johnny thinks a lot, Patrick thinks Florida would probably have won anyway; JimmyG says look at the game clock-Florida would have had a lot less time left if the penalties hadn't been called. Anyway, breaking news is that the officiating crew from the game has been suspended for a month. Not much help for the Hogs at this point, so Florida goes into the "moral victory" category.

Now on to Oxford and a meeting with JimmyG's favorite former Razorback coach. Johnny F and Patrick think this is a "must win" for the Hogs. Will this be a HDN special? Will Jevan Snead rise from the ashes of his Heisman campaign?

The usual gibberish on the picks-much love for the Hawkeyes this week, and the sleepers are not nearly as horrible as usual. Listen and enjoy.

Razorpod 10-21-2009: Florida Wrap; Ole Miss Preview

Monday, October 19, 2009

Well, Thank Goodness That Got Straightened Out

The SEC came out today and admitted that the personal foul called on Malcolm Sheppard late in the Hogs' 23-20 loss to the Gators at the Swamp was "not supported by any evidence." This was the second time in as many weeks this particular crew was Monday morning quarterbacked by the SEC office for phantom flags. They flagged Georgia's A.J. Green last weekend for excessive celebration against LSU for, gee, I don't know . . . celebrating what could have been the winning touchdown? I mean, that showoff actually turned his head six inches to the right and looked at 90,000 Georgia fans. The nerve!!! Those yards gave LSU the ball nearly at midfield with less than a minute to play. At least they made them count. Both flags affected the outcome of their respective games. As to the myriad of other horrible calls, the SEC calls them "judgment calls" which they neither criticize or discuss.

Unless and until you pull games or suspend officiating crews, this is all hat and no cattle. The collective response from Athens and Fayetteville? THANK YOU, SIR! MAY I HAVE ANOTHER?!?!?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Razorpod 10-14-09: Auburn has skid marks (again); Florida looms

Well, the Hogs put together their most complete performance of the year against the Auburn Tigers last weekend. JimmyG, Patrick Williams, and Johnny Fayetteville discuss in this week's show.  Florida and Dr. Tebow looms, and while the crew is optimistic, realism sets in.

A bonus this week with JimmyG and Johnny opining about the atmosphere (or lack of one) at Hog games.  Break out the dream sequence as JimmyG goes back to the Barnhill Arena days, Jim Robken, and the "Go Hogs" Spellouts of his childhood.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Razorpod Picks - Week 6

Nebraska at Missouri
Michigan at Iowa
Alabama at Ole Miss
Florida at LSU
Auburn at Arkansas
Sleeper Game

Patrick Williams: Nebraska 31-21, Iowa 24-19, Alabama 38-3, LSU 28-17, Arkansas 38-33, Wisconsin 24-16

Johnny Fayetteville: Missouri 27-20, Iowa 20-17, Alabama 41-10, LSU 14-13, Arkansas 41-31, Kentucky 24-21

Tom Logan: Nebraska 28-17, Michigan 16-14, Alabama 28-17, Florida 24-14, Arkansas 42-28, Georgia Tech 31-20

Jimmy G: Nebraska 34-31, Michigan 12-9, Ole Miss 24-23, Florida 20-17, Auburn 31-21, Boston College 16-13

Patrick Williams 17-13
Tom Logan 16-14
Jimmy G 15-15
Johnny Fayetteville 13-17

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Razorpod 10-06-09: Victory at JerryDome, Auburn Comes Calling

In this week's show, we discuss the Razorbacks' 47-19 win in the Southwest Classic over Texas A&M. Consensus is that it was a needed win, and could pay dividends for the future. Then we turn to Auburn, and the crew has some different thoughts on the key to the game. Is it the Hog offense vs. Auburn defense, or is it the Hog defense shutting down Chris Todd et al.? Or, depending on whether you ask Jimmy G, it might be special teams. Listen to find out.

Great slate of national games on the pick menu this week. "Shakeout Saturday" as dubbed by JimmyG is shaping up to be a ton of fun. Hogs on at 11:00 (not 11:30). Alabama-Ole Miss gets some significant discussion, as does Florida-LSU. Patrick Williams holds a slim one-game advantage, which will surely mean a debacle this week.

Razorpod 10-06-2009: A&M Wrap; Auburn Preview