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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Razorpod 10-21-09: Arkansas 20, Florida 16, Refs 7

This week's show gets the big issues out right away: exactly how much did the referees have to do with Florida's win against the Razorbacks? Johnny thinks a lot, Patrick thinks Florida would probably have won anyway; JimmyG says look at the game clock-Florida would have had a lot less time left if the penalties hadn't been called. Anyway, breaking news is that the officiating crew from the game has been suspended for a month. Not much help for the Hogs at this point, so Florida goes into the "moral victory" category.

Now on to Oxford and a meeting with JimmyG's favorite former Razorback coach. Johnny F and Patrick think this is a "must win" for the Hogs. Will this be a HDN special? Will Jevan Snead rise from the ashes of his Heisman campaign?

The usual gibberish on the picks-much love for the Hawkeyes this week, and the sleepers are not nearly as horrible as usual. Listen and enjoy.

Razorpod 10-21-2009: Florida Wrap; Ole Miss Preview

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Men... it don't get no better than this.. you got 60,000 screaming drunk
cotton farmers, chicken pluckers and black jack dealers waiting for you
Offense... take care of the ball.. its precious...its special... Snead..
no interceptions or I'm putting in Casey Dick.. remember I got a quick
trigger.. O Line... block.... running backs.. run.. receivers... do
whatever it is you do....
Defense (holding up three fingers) gimme four.. gimme four turnovers...
Special Teams...Coach Shibest?
Shibest: I got nuthin coach
Men... this team we're playing fought Florida tough.. but we beat
Florida.. that means we're better than Florida...that means we're better
than Arkansas....
Men I know this team.. I recruited a bunch of them.. I recruited Ryan
Mallett but he went to Michigan.. I recruited Broderick Green but he
went to USC I recruited Joe Adams and he would have gone some place but
I left first....
Men this is special.. this game.. you're special... you're all special..
everybody's special......not like Jerry's Kids special but still special go out there and win this, not just for the meth adicts in the
stands but for the hundreds of Ole Miss fans all over the world...and
when we win.. we can run up to the band and sing Dixie..
Men ...just remember one thing. I call those plays bruthas....lets