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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Razorpod 11-09-2009: Down Goes Carolina; Be Very Worried About Troy

Three-man booth this week with Tom Logan out on assignment. Johnny Fayetteville, Jimmy G, and Patrick Williams discuss the Razorbacks' 33-16 win over South Carolina, along with a game of "Quien es mas Impatient? Petrino or Spurrier?" Petrino wins in a landslide this week, as Twitchy Spurrier made an appearance in Fayetteville and his impatience really hurt the 'Cocks. Up next: Troy (formerly Troy State) the Sun Belt leader and a program known for knocking off the big boys. The crew thinks we better be ready to play this week. Bowl possibilities abound, and we'll see where we land in the pecking order.

Patrick Williams still ahead in the picks contest, but the Hawkeyes hurt (literally). Rest of the national games are about as expected, and JimmyG provides an on-site report from Wholesome Lincoln, NE. Patrick picks the game formerly known as the Sweet Sioux Tomahawk matchup, and much more.

Razorpod 11-09-2009: South Carolina Wrap; Troy Preview

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