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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Mangino on the Hot Seat at KU?

There is quite a ruckus brewing in Lawrence, Kansas, over Mark Mangino's alleged abuse of players and assistant coaches, and it may wind up costing him his job. This was supposed to be a big year for Kansas, but after a 5-0 start and Top 25 ranking, they have lost 5 in a row and still have Texas and Missouri on the schedule. Can't help but wonder if the Jayhawks were having a better year that this would be such an issue, but I digress. Jason Whitlock of the Kansas City Star relates this entire brouhaha to Mangino's weight. Not sure about that, but interesting theory. Waiting for his next one about how Mangino's weight messes up everyone's Direct TV and Dish Network broadcasts.

I don't really follow Kansas football, so I have no dog in the fight. However, reports are out now that Mangino would routinely threaten assistants' jobs in front of players, withhold food from walk-ons, including pre-game meals (I am not making this up, and have a pretty good idea where these meals wound up), and told a player if he didn't play better, he would "send him home to St. Louis to get shot and killed with the rest of his 'homies.'" Pretty poignant, since the guy's brother had recently been hospitalized after a drive-by shooting.

An asshole is still an asshole, no matter how plump or slender. However, to understand Whitlock's point, here is a video of a sideline conversation between Mangino and a player who had just gotten a penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct. Could you describe the ruckus, sir?

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