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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Show Delay

Razorpod will tape on Thursday this week, so please be sure to check back and download the Florida preview show on Friday. Like you really don't know what's going to happen this Saturday at Razorback Stadium - sorry, Stat Boy, Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium.

Yours truly will be in the press box for the game (for a little while at least), while the rest of the crew sits on their lazy rear ends in central Arkansas. The Razorpod crew would like to hear our readers thoughts on the over/under for when Jimmy G leaves Razorback Stadium to resume drinking adult beverages in the Pit. The O/U line is halftime.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Razorpod Picks

Rachel Bilson applauds Buford's fast start in the prediction contest, and has offered Jimmy G some "motivation" to reverse his last place standing. Stay tuned.

PW - Nebraska, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Penn State, Alabama, Texas, Colorado
JF - Nebraska, Oklahoma, Auburn, Penn State, Georgia, Texas, Maryland
BT - Nebraska, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Penn State, Georgia, Texas, UCLA
TL - Nebraska, Oklahoma, Auburn, Penn State, Alabama, Texas, North Carolina
JG - Nebraska, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Penn State, Georgia, Texas, Michigan


It's a full weekend of football in the SEC. Ole Miss, fresh off a defeat to the now nationally ranked Commodores of Vanderbilt, face Tim Tebow and the mighty Florida Gators who pummeled Tennesse last weekend. Raycom has that game at 11:30. You bet your ass it's in HD.

At the same time the Razorbacks kick-0ff against Texas, the aforementioned Volunteers begin another tough conference game with Auburn. If Phat Phil drops to 1-3 with the Tennessee alumni base begin to turn on him?

My main man Sly Croom of Mississippi State has yet another nationally televised game (I believe this makes 3 on ESPN 2 in 4 weeks) against LSU. Good news for Croom is that playing on TV helps with recruiting. Bad new for Croom is that he might lose to LSU by 40. What?!?

The most intriguing game of the night is Alabama at Georgia in Athens. Both teams are undefeated and ranked in the top 10. ESPN has this game for the entire country to see.

I'm waiting for DY to declare it stewed up Saturday. Bud Light is the official sponsor of Saturday at Studio Jimmy G.

Wally solved the Mystery-Who Invented the Wildcat

Wally Hall, in between bites of delicious Mexican food in Austin, also solved the mystery of who invented the Wildcat formation. With some intense sleuthing, and apparently some help from the tubes, Wally has pinpointed it as Pop Warner in 1917.

Pop Warner, Inventor of the Wildcat

So suck it, Gus Malzahn, Danny Nutt, and David Lee!

P.S. The internets actually back him up on this.

Down Goes Frazier! Down Goes Frazier!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Texas Preview Show Posted-Reality check show.

This week's show is up here. The crew dissects the Alabama game much like the Alabama offense dissected Arkansas' defense-quickly, bloodily, and without remorse. Prospects for the next 3 games seem dim; Texas is good. Will we win one of the next three games?

The crew also looks ahead to the rest of the season to see where the wins might come. The results are not encouraging. Will Tyler Wilson start at any point? Will the D-line start to live up to their experience?

Oh, and Buford's tanked. If you doubt it, listen for the rant starting at about 11:00.

We pick an extra game this week to make up for the one Hurricane Ike caused us to lose. That's sure to work out well for everyone.

Who DID Invent the Wildcat/Wild Rebel/Wild Dolphin? Col Mustard in the Pantry...

Hopefully, most of you football fans saw the highlights of the Dolphins' win against New England over the weekend, in which Miami RB Ronnie Brown ran the "Wild Dolphin" formation for 3 TDs. There's been a series of articles in the Orlando paper this week about the origins of the formation, and since former Arkansas OC David Lee is now on the Miami coaching staff, an article was published Monday crediting Lee with coming up with the formation.

The paper has now published a followup article (after apparently being on the receiving end of an email blitz by Arkansas fans) in which Gus Mal-a-zahn is credited with it (and interviewed about his role in using it at Arkansas). Makes for a good read, regardless of your feelings about the Malzahn/Mustain/Nutt love triangle.

Tracking the origins of something like this is a bit like trying to figure out who first came up with the idea for beer in a can...its impossible to nail down one "creator." I just think its cool that something that really took off on the college level at Arkansas is now in the NFL. I also like the fact that its pretty much connected with Arkansas and McFadden every time its run on the college or pro level now.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Because I Just Can't Help Myself

The Mitch Mustain era may never begin at USC . . . or anywhere for that matter. He is now 4th string at USC with the top QB recruit in the nation coming on campus next year. UCA may be a possibility.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Razorpod Picks

The crew's picks for this week's national games:

Patrick Williams - Notre Dame, Georgia, Florida, Auburn, Alabama, Colorado
Johnny Fayetteville - Michigan State, Georgia, Florida, LSU, Alabama, Baylor
Buford Tannen - Notre Dame, Georgia, Florida, LSU, Alabama, Vanderbilt
Tom Logan - Notre Dame, Georgia, Florida, Auburn, Alabama, Middle Tennessee St.
Jimmy G - Michigan State, Georgia, Tennessee, Auburn, Alabama, Iowa State

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Alabama Show is Posted

Skeleton crew last night, but the show is up here. Patrick Williams, Johnny Fayetteville, and JimmyG discuss Alabama, and the national College Football landscape. We pay special attention to the USC beatdown of Ohio State (Big 10-boo) and the Auburn-Mississippi State Game for the Ages (the Stone Ages, that is). National Picks will be posted for all members later today, and sleeper games are in play starting Thursday night. Have a listen and enjoy.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Hogs-Horns Still On ABC at 2:30

Despite being postponed until September 27th due to Hurricane Ike, the Arkansas-Texas game will still be televised on ABC beginning at 2:30. That means Wally Hall can still get some Mexican food and complain about Europeans prior to the game. All is right with the world.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Razorpod Texas Game Preview Podcast

The Razorpod Texas preview show is posted here. Here are the crew's picks for this week's games:

P. Williams: Georgia (over South Carolina); Fresno St. (over Wis.); Iowa (over IA St.); USC (over Ohio State); Texas (over Arkansas); Sleeper: Kansas (over S. Florida).

Johnny Fayetteville: Georgia; Fresno; Iowa; USC; Texas; Sleeper: Baylor (over Wash. St.)

Buford Tannen: Georgia; Fresno; Iowa; USC; Texas; Sleeper: UCLA (over BYU)

Jimmy G: Georgia; Fresno; Iowa State; Ohio State; Texas; Sleeper: Tulane (over E. Carolina)

Logan: Georgia; Wisconsin; Iowa; USC; and Arkansas over Texas! Sleeper game: S. Miss. over ASU - a great pick.

And Jimmy G doesn't like Big 10 Football.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Saturday Mornin' Comin' Down

Well, I woke up Saturday mornin', with no way to hold my head that didn't hurt . . .
And the beer I had for breakfast wasn't bad, so I had one more for dessert . . .

Johnny Cash won't be in attendance at Razorback Stadium on September 20th as the Hogs take on the Alabama Crimson Tide, but if you plan on being there, you might want to get an early start. The game has been picked up by Raycom, and kickoff is scheduled for 11:30. This usually hurts the home team and helps the visitor, but historically, the Hogs have played pretty well on Raycom.

Good week for the crew

Razorpod records: PW 5-1, JF 4-2, TL 4-2, JG 4-2, and newcomer Buford Tannen 6-0!

Friday, September 05, 2008


What does 90210 have to do with college football? Well, nothing really. However, the original series got me thru many fall weeks waiting for college football Saturday, and hopefully, the new 90210 will fulfill that same mid-week gap. The two hour pilot for "90210" aired on Tuesday night garnering the CW's highest ever rating among the 18-49 age group. Dixon, Annie, Naomi, Ethan, Erin, Navid, and Adrianna are a fine cast with way more diversity than the original. However, true "Beverly Hills, 90210" fans will always prefer the iconic grouping of Brandon, Dylan, Brenda, Kelly, Steve, Donna, Andrea, and David. It's too bad the Mr. Walsh isn't around to manage some of the kids' trust funds, but at least Nat is still running The Peach Pit.

Back from the original show are Kelly and Brenda, but apparently, Donna, David, Brandon, Andrea, and Dylan are too busy looking for their youth in suburban shopping malls to get back in front of the camera for the new "90210". As for Steve Sanders, I think I8A4RE says it all. Steve probably should've kept the $10,000 he "anonymously donated" to the Alvarado School to insure his high school graduation - that money would come in real handy right about now.

Anyway, the updated "90210" comes with updated music (sorry, no Color Me Badd on this soundtrack), hip clothes, and the latest high tech gadgets the kids are using. It'll be an entertaining update on life in everyone's favorite teen drama zip code, but it cannot touch the original for high comedy, low fashion, and over-the-top drama. So let's just "squash" the comparisons and enjoy the ride.