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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Razorpod Texas Game Preview Podcast

The Razorpod Texas preview show is posted here. Here are the crew's picks for this week's games:

P. Williams: Georgia (over South Carolina); Fresno St. (over Wis.); Iowa (over IA St.); USC (over Ohio State); Texas (over Arkansas); Sleeper: Kansas (over S. Florida).

Johnny Fayetteville: Georgia; Fresno; Iowa; USC; Texas; Sleeper: Baylor (over Wash. St.)

Buford Tannen: Georgia; Fresno; Iowa; USC; Texas; Sleeper: UCLA (over BYU)

Jimmy G: Georgia; Fresno; Iowa State; Ohio State; Texas; Sleeper: Tulane (over E. Carolina)

Logan: Georgia; Wisconsin; Iowa; USC; and Arkansas over Texas! Sleeper game: S. Miss. over ASU - a great pick.

And Jimmy G doesn't like Big 10 Football.


Anonymous said...

"And Jimmy G doesn't like Big 10 Football"

My fine fellows of the SEC West ..
Brothers to our nemesis of 2007 ..
Cousins to our foes in 2006 ..

Prior to this post, I held each of you in such high regard, but now? Now .. you are dead to me (although Jimmy G gets buried last as he picked wise this week)!

Although I live much more East of Arkansas, a friend of mine treated me to how football is played in Arkansas this weekend. I got the chance to tailgate at the stadium, with Cops, on a golf course, and at a house party before seeing the Hogs thrilling last-minute win. A few notes:
- I'm rather impressed with how Arkansas fans prep for a game. In fact, the house party I was at had a tremendous spread of food, unlimited drinks, and a great atmosphere. The only knock was an loud-mothed idiot drinking "Old Style". Who drinks Old Style .. seriously?
- I saw flashes of what used to be the high-powered Louisville offense Saturday night. Petrino is not half-bad, and will make some noise in the West before too long. You're lucky to have him.
- Petrino must be sporting the trifecta in private - because the balls it took to call that play on 4th and 1 would've made John Holmes blush.
- "Wooo Pig Sooie" .. took some getting used to, but it was cool.

Contrary to popular belief, Ohio State will actually board the plane to LA - and play. And play well. 21-17 Buckeyes.

As for the rest of you, and your picks .. I ask:

Et tu, Brut(us)'?

Love the show guys - keep it up,
Jay Mags - Dacula, GA

Anonymous said...

Can Ohio State now be omitted from any type of national talk? At least beat someone outside the sorry Big Ten before you squawk again. But sit down for now. You're B Team.