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Friday, September 26, 2008


It's a full weekend of football in the SEC. Ole Miss, fresh off a defeat to the now nationally ranked Commodores of Vanderbilt, face Tim Tebow and the mighty Florida Gators who pummeled Tennesse last weekend. Raycom has that game at 11:30. You bet your ass it's in HD.

At the same time the Razorbacks kick-0ff against Texas, the aforementioned Volunteers begin another tough conference game with Auburn. If Phat Phil drops to 1-3 with the Tennessee alumni base begin to turn on him?

My main man Sly Croom of Mississippi State has yet another nationally televised game (I believe this makes 3 on ESPN 2 in 4 weeks) against LSU. Good news for Croom is that playing on TV helps with recruiting. Bad new for Croom is that he might lose to LSU by 40. What?!?

The most intriguing game of the night is Alabama at Georgia in Athens. Both teams are undefeated and ranked in the top 10. ESPN has this game for the entire country to see.

I'm waiting for DY to declare it stewed up Saturday. Bud Light is the official sponsor of Saturday at Studio Jimmy G.

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