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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

National Picks

Razorpod pays special tribute to Sylvester Croom this week. Why? Because he's awesome.

Jimmy G is on location at SEC Media Days. Of course, SEC Media Days happened 3 months ago, but he just got around to it. The publisher of Razorpod is grateful.

Here are this week's national picks:

JG - KY, TCU, Mich. St., LSU, Mizzou, Wisconsin
BT - Hogs, BYU, Mich. St., LSU, Texas, Ark. State
JF - Hogs, BYU, Mich. St., S. Carolina, Texas, Kansas St.
TL - Hogs, BYU, Ohio St., LSU, Texas, Miss. State(!)
PW - KY, TCU, Mich. St., LSU, Texas, Virginia

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