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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cocktail Party

Who doesn't love a cocktail party? Certainly, Adele Silver does. She'll be on hand (well, maybe not, but there's a chance) along with 100,000 drunken louts from Florida and Georgia for this weekend's Cocktail-Not-A-Cocktail Party in Jacksonville, FL.

The most anticipated game in the rivalry's storied history is two days away. The Razorpod Crew provided its take on the game, and our intrepid reporter, Tom Logan, will be on the scene.

Florida will try to exact revenge for the the "Gator Stomp" that the Georgia players performed in last year's game. The Gators offense is finally showing its full potential after two impressive outings against LSU and Kentucky, and the Gator D has enough up front to cause problems for a banged up Georgia O-Line and Matthew Stafford. Tim Tebow is beginning to get his name back in the Heisman conversation, and a big day against UGA might put him at the top of the list depending on what happens in Lubbock on Saturday night.

However, Georgia is playing its best football of the season. The Dawgs could pull this out if Knowshon Moreno goes over 100 yards, and the defense forces Tebow into a couple of rare turnovers. Georgia's injuries were a big factor in their sluggish start, but it appears they have gotten past that with new players stepping into their roles quite nicely.

This game will be an intense one with the refs likely to call some personal fouls early to try and keep control of the game and emotions in check. Florida appears to be the more stable of the two teams, and that will be the difference in a thrilling game. Florida 38 Georgia 31.

Who doesn't love a Cocktail Party? Oh, sorry, Smokey.

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