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Monday, November 26, 2007

Hogs Upset LSU 50-48 in Triple Overtime

The Arkansas Razorbacks finished their season with a bang as they upset the number one-rated team in the country, the LSU Tigers, in Death Valley last Friday by a final score of 50-48 in triple overtime. Once again, it was Darren McFadden leading the way with 206 yards on 32 carries, including 3 rushing touchdowns. He also completed 3 passes for 34 yards and a crucial touchdown toss to Peyton Hillis with 5 minutes remaining. Again, as I said after the South Carolina game, it is criminal that I am so numb to McFadden's greatness that I am not even surprised at his performance. I expect him to be Superman, because he's done it time after time, especially in the biggest games. The LSU defense had not given up a 100-yard rusher all season, and the Hogs nearly had 3, with Peyton Hillis and Felix Jones gaining 89 and 85 yards respectively. Simply put, although Les Miles made several coaching blunders, the true story is that on the day after Thanksgiving, the Hogs were the better team.
It was a great win to cap a roller coaster season for the Hogs. Putting away the questions swirling around Houston Nutt, it was great to cheer the Hogs to a big victory. A victory most of us will always remember where we were when it happened. Those games are few and far between, and surely all but the darkest of darksider could set aside their hatred, at least for a few hours, and soak up the win. At least I hope so.

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Anonymous said...

We should have beat those guys in regulation, taking it to three overtimes against the #1 team at their house is inexcusable. I will not set aside the hatred... it has become me and me it.
-Big Red