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Friday, December 02, 2011

Razorpod Picks - Week 14

The bittersweet finale to the college football regular season is upon us. Championship Weekend brings about duds, the Pac-12 Title Game, snoozers, the B1G Title Game, and Bedlam, OU at Oklahoma State for the Big 12 championship. There is a tie for 1st place among the Razorpod crew with Johnny Fayetteville and Jimmy G battling it out for the Picks Title.

PW (47-31): Texas, Virginia Tech, Wisconsin, Oklahoma State, Georgia, Navy, Ohio U.
JF (51-27): Texas, Virginia Tech, Wisconsin, Oklahoma State, LSU, Navy, West Virginia
TL (47-31): Baylor, Clemson, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, LSU, Navy, Syracuse
JG (51-27): Texas, Virginia Tech, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, LSU, Army, Southern Mississippi

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