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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Razorpod Picks - Week 8

Hotty, Toddy, Flim, Flam, Hot Damn, Giggity! HDN and his merry band of Rebels host the Hogs this Saturday. Ole Miss has lost nine straight SEC games, is heading towards an epic Egg Bowl matchup with equally winless in SEC play, Mississippi State, and the Right Reverend's (thank you, Rece Davis) seat is warmer than asphault on Markham Street in July (thank you, Wally Hall). The crew predicts the Hogs game with Ole Miss as well as some national games of mild interest.

PW (25-17): Notre Dame, LSU, Stanford, Michigan State, Arkansas, SMU

JF (30-12): Notre Dame, LSU, Stanford, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Washington State

TL (26-16): USC, LSU, Stanford, Wisconsin, Arkansas, North Carolina

JG (27-15): Notre Dame, LSU, Stanford, Wisconsin, Arkansas, Northwestern

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