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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Missouri State Wrap; New Mexico Preview

Season 8, Episode 4 brings you a shortened wrap up of the Razorbacks' 51-7 domination of the Missouri State Bears in Fayetteville.  Joe Adams wins SEC Special Teams Player of the Week honors for his 2 punt return touchdowns, the defense looked great, and Tyler Wilson and the receivers also looked strong.  The crew spends some time discussing the running game, and whether Ronnie Wingo will be able to be stronger from this game to the next and the rest of the season.  The national picks are tremendous, and there is a veritable cornucopia of sleeper games from which to pick.

We also spend some time discussing the conference realignment issues, and the breaking news that Texas A&M has been invited and has accepted an invitation to the SEC.  Much Texas-bashing ensues (YAY!) and we pose some of the various alternatives which might result from this round of realignment.  Johnny Fayetteville waxes nostalgic about the "regional texture" of college football which may be lost; then gives Boise State the back of his hand.

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