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Monday, August 15, 2011

Season 8 Is Underway

Despite the 100 degree temperatures, fall is just around the corner. With it comes Season 8 of Razorpod. Yes, the crew is back for one last shot at glory (or competency, anyway). We get into midseason form right away with a long discussion of the Knile Davis injury and how it changes the prospects for this season. The crew remains bullish on the Hogs, and shows some remarkable unanimity on the projected record: 9-3's all around, with Patrick lodging an 8-4 record because of the Houston Dale special we all know is coming. We run down the rest of the SEC West, and delve into Texas A&M's flirtation with the SEC. We never lost the opportunity for some good old Texas-bashing as well. Johnny has a rant, even though the season hasn't kicked off yet.

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