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Friday, December 03, 2010

Razorpod Picks - Week 14

Sadly, this is the final week of the college football regular season and Razorpod pick contest. Happily, it is Championship Week in college football as conference champions are determined in the ACC, Big East, Big XII, SEC, MAC, WAC, and Conference USA. A hearty congratulations to Johnny Fayetteville for capturing his first pick's title. All four crew members now have a banner hanging from the rafters and some hardware in their trophy case.

The SEC Championship Game could only be more interesting to Hogs' fans if the UofA was playing in the game. A victory by Auburn will almost certainly send Arkansas to its first ever BCS bowl. A date with Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl looms if Auburn can defeat South Carolina Saturday afternoon in Atlanta. The picks (with a special bonus pick of the Army-Navy game on December 11):

PW (42-36): Washington State, Oregon, Virginia Tech, Nebraska, Auburn, Navy, Arizona State (Patrick Williams submitted his sleeper pick of Arizona State before last night's game, so he already has a win this week)

JF (48-30): Washington, Oregon, Florida State, Oklahoma, Auburn, Army, UCLA

TL (43-35): Washington State, Oregon, Florida State, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Army, Connecticut

JG (40-38): Washington State, Oregon, Virginia Tech, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Army, Pittsburgh

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