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Friday, October 08, 2010

Razorpod Picks - Week 6

The crew finally won a sleeper game last week. That brought the season total to a whopping 1-19. Patrick Williams even berated the crew for such an inept sleeper pick record, and he immediately went out and was crushed in his sleeper game pick this week. Mr. Williams predicted a Kansas State win over Nebraska in last night's ESPN game. The final score - Nebraska 48 Kansas State 13. A sarcastic "good work" goes out to our intrepid host. The sleeper pick record is now 1-20. The rest of this week's picks:

PW (16-14): Michigan State, Florida, Miami, South Carolina, Arkansas
JF (19-11): Michigan, Florida, Florida State, Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky
TL (16-14): Michigan State, Florida, Miami, Alabama, Arkansas, Clemson
JG (18-12): Michigan, LSU, Miami, South Carolina, Arkansas, Iowa State

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