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Thursday, December 03, 2009

The Cival War - Pac-10 Style

Johnny Reb and Private Union have almost nothing on Oregon's Civil War - other than a nation split apart, brothers fighting brothers, states' rights, and the whole this is actually a war where people lose their lives and body parts. Tonight, Oregon State and Oregon battle in the annual Civil War game with a Rose Bowl berth at stake. Winner goes to Pasadena! Loser goes to San Diego, Las Vegas, or El Paso? Since the podcast will be going on during this game, the crew submitted their picks early. Our friend, Johnny Fayetteville, has even more riding on this game. His national sleeper pick, Oregon State, could be the first national sleeper team to secure a BCS berth. Though, Patrick Williams may argue that TCU did so when they finished their undefeated season last Saturday. However, as national picks commissioner, I decree that TCU has not secured that berth yet, as the final BCS standings have not been released. Anyway, enjoy Oregon's version of the Civil War at 8 p.m. CST on ESPN.

PW - Oregon
JF - Oregon State
TL - Oregon State
JG - Oregon

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