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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Did You Order the Code Red?!?!?

This is a pretty crazy story, but there seem to be some things that sound bad. The story going around is more fantastic than the story written in the Ledger-Enquirer, but it sounds like there might be some evidence that Auburn assistants instructed some upperclassmen to beat the hell out of a mouthy freshman DB because he was complaining about being moved from QB. The stories are likely to vary widely, and there are reports that attorneys and the Auburn athletic department is getting involved. Reproduced below is information from the internets. Below that is a link to the Ledger-Enquirer.

"Furr blew up in practice when moved to DB, his recruitment and the ONLY reason he chose au was ctt's personal promise he would be given every opportunity to play QB. Franklin didn't recruit this guy but staff had for a couple of years. Rumors were a buzz that he was going straight to DB drills (listed on au web site as a S) and he made it known that better not happen. Well he was sent w/ the DBs day 1 and he cussed ctt, called him a liar (justified) and basically refused to go and do the drills. It turns out there are other freshman that have the same concerns about being lied to. While groups were separated during the drills some assistants started talking aloud to players during drills that Furr needed his ass kicked because no one talks to ctt like that and many there had made sacrifices for the team. So as the horn sounded and as the groups left to change drills Furr was jumped and beaten by several players. Furr was helped off the field to never return. ctt couldn't believe the stupidity of the assistants. Furr threatend law suit & crimnal charges. ctt has tried to talk to him but has not been allowed to by Furr & family. I believe Jacobs has been negotiating release and pay off to not file charges or lawsuit. I believe Furr now has a lawyer but is going to take the deal."

You can't handle the truth!


RazorPod said...

Seriously, while I do not believe there should have been a Code Red, who they heck does this kid think he is? First day of practice, raw freshman, cusses out the head coach in practice???? Who does that????

Anonymous said...

Typical goons. Auburn has no class and TT is letting his players run practice. Man up TT and control your players rather than telling kids to beat him up. How f*ckin lame.