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Monday, February 04, 2008

Great Week

It was a good week to be a Hog basketball fan. A twenty point win over nationally ranked and West leading Mississippi State was followed by a 19 point domination of nationally ranked Florida. The Hogs increased defensive intensity and commitment to rebounding have keyed the surge. While the offense can still look questionable at times, Sonny Weems is growing into his go to player roll. If his hot shooting continues, look for Beverley to continue to benefit, as well as the big men, from a more spread out opponent's defense.

Now, it's Ole Miss. A team at the beginning of the conference slate that looked 15 points better than the Hogs. They're on the decline, dropping a game at home to USC on Saturday (sound familiar?). But they always play the Hogs tougher than most anyone, and another blow out would be surprise. The open Wednesday comes at a good time. Hopefully, Pel can bring the team back down to earth and get them ready for what will be a physical game on Saturday.

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