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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Razorpod Cast Bowl Picks

Here are the Razorpod staff's bowl picks (against the spread). See how you stack up to the "experts." Remember, bowl pick season is separate from the regular season-no one can catch Patrick Williams as he has already won the regular season title.


Friday Night Guy said...

Nice picks. Just for fun, and so Logan won't come in last, here are my picks (many "heart over head" picks).
Same as Jimmy G's sheet EXCEPT these:
TCU; Hawaii; UCLA; Rutgers; Maryland; Texas; Nebraska; Arkansas; Cincinatti; Southern Miss; and Ohio State.

RazorPod said...

I don't know if we can accept since you had new "inside information" about the Auburn players being out.

Friday Night Guy said...

OK, if I end up winning by one game (obviously, you did not look at the rest of my picks), you can throw it out.
By the way - Auburn is STILL favored.

When do we get a post from Jimmy G on the mess with the Springdale kids and the transfer?

friday night guy said...

Wow! Florida in a romp. Totally unexpected and unbelievable, a fluke. I know this because the experts Arkansas talked with all agreed that "you can't run the spread offense in the SEC!" Apparently, you CAN use that offense to win the National Championship.