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Monday, November 13, 2006

Arkansas 31, Tennessee 14

Great Win for the Hogs...Jimmy G's trend of picking the opposing team seems to be working just fine. One more win to Atlanta!

However, can someone explain how the Hogs are jumped over by Rutgers? To quote Johnny Fayetteville:

Someone is going to have to get out their Big Chief tablet and big fat pencil and draw me a picture as to how Rutgers is ranked second by the computers, ahead of Ohio State. I just don’t get it. They have had a nice year, but this schedule doesn’t really set me on fire.

UNC (5 point win against a horrible team that is currently 1-9)

Illinois (convincing win against a 2-9 team)

Ohio (decent team. 7-3. Might win the MAC. Seriously, this might be their best win outside of the Lou)

Howard (Howard is 4-6 in the freakin’ MEAC. I don’t even know what the “MEAC” is)

S. Florida (7-3 in the Big East. Is that a great accomplishment?)

Navy (Service academy. Love the tradition. Very little talent)

Pittsburgh (Now 6-4, and Wannstedt’s porn stache is nosediving late in the season)

UConn (Last I checked, Ray Allen doesn’t play football. They’re 4-5, although they did beat Pitt by 1 Saturday)

Louisville (Big win.)

You can’t hate on Rutgers for their season. They have really improved. But is that the record of a national title team?

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