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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Our New Logo

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PGTiger said...

No offence, but I could make you a better one.

I made the logo for if you want to see an example of something I can do.

RazorPod said...

No offense taken...just slapped this together at work over lunch yesterday, more screwing around than anything. Let me see what you can do!

By the way, I hate you guys this morning. Cant you just let us have one meaningful win instead of these horrible heartbreaking losses? I mean, we come back from 14 down and finally show some heart in the second half, and you have to just rip it away.

PGTiger said...

Alright, I'll try to make one either today or by Sunday.

PGTiger said...

Hey, I made it...tell me what you think!


PGTiger said...

Crap, you can't post URL's. I e-mailed it to the e-mail address that is on the current logo.

Born Red said...

I want a T-shirt.